Artful Render Empowerment Week

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"An alternative method for architects to render & present 3d design models in an Artful Compelling Way, reducing stressful deadlines and saving thousands of hours of labor."


28 : 42 Min 

Why the Artful Render is a comfortable alternative for Architects to produce 3d perspectives renderings?

Hi, I'm Jason Josselsohn – the Concept Design Architect. For the last 17 years, I have worked as a Design Architect, producing concept proposals for many prestigious firms. I found myself pioneering my ability to streamline concept design and presentation whilst designing many large-scale mixed-use projects.

During my early career, I was often faced with high-pressure design presentation deadlines, an occupational hazard in this kind of work. Working under such stress is not only unpleasant, but it takes its toll on the quality of your work and lifestyle. To meet this significant challenge in my career, I learned to streamline my design & presentation workflow to cope with my design burdens. 

I learned that a Qualified Architect or Student needs to continually tweak and re-innovate 3d models during the design & planning phase when communicating with clients. In these initial phases, the injection of cash is crucial to bring any scheme to life. Powerful imagery representing the quantifiable, measurable architectural 3d form is essential for the Design business model to evolve fast.

Most architects are proficient designers yet subcontract 3d perspective imagery to 3rd party visualization artists, this causes a bottleneck in the process, and jeopardize the architect's authority over his design process. Alternatively, if there is no budget, stock standard images exports from local software's are used for client meetings, which can be counterproductive because they lack finesse.

3d perspectives, together with 2d planning, are effectively part of your sales strategy to secure fees, to manifest the final built form. The more compelling these images are, the greater the client's chances of making quick snap decisions, to inject the project with finances.

Most design architects rely on High-end photorealistic 3rd parties to create imagery to sell their work. This advanced process can be demanding on human resources, financial outlay, and know-how. Other alternatives, like stock-standard imagery exports from local design software, can be sterile. 



A design architect needs to streamline his approach to producing 3d imagery to portray his design ideas, with an efficient, compelling strategy that is light on resources. The modern-day Design Architect should have a two-fold arsenal at his disposal to take his design and translate into powerful communication tools for the client to digest quickly. It is unnecessary to always opt-in for high-end photorealistic imagery to communicate strategy.

A designer may argue that it is sufficient to export imagery from native design software in preparation for meetings. I have found that average 3d imagery is counterproductive when selling ideas and could jeopardize future decision making if not done with finesse.


The Art of creating 3d design and powerful presentions within a structured streamlined workflow can save student architects, design architects and firms thousands of dollars in labour costs, reduce stressful deadline situations and secure fees faster. Knowing how to create a compelling perspective is accessible for every single design architect without relying on talent.


The Artful 3d Presentation Workflow is a process somewhere between the realms of high-end rendering and sketching. I wish to share this method in our Free Empowerment Training Week Workshop, coming up soon this month. We will be exploring innovative ways to streamline and breathe life, into the visual presentation and production process. These techniques will shift your daily design habits, and point you in the right direction when choosing a set of cutting-edge design software tools for your 3d presentations.
I look forward to sharing these techniques that have taken me 17 years of trial and error to acquire, during our time together, all you need to do is sign up on the top right of this page. I will send you a free complimentary seat in our training schedule in the next days,  which will also be recorded and uploaded if you.

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Jason Josselsohn
The Concept Design Architect
P.S. Take a look at the process below from the raw model to the final image in 30 minutes

Office Campus Nigeria

This conceptual perspective was created for a first meeting to secure an office Campus in Lagos Nigeria. The Dual building size blocks of 30 x 40 m2 with a vertical circulation in the central core, Revit, allowed me to create playful poetry between concrete masonry walls, transparent curtain wall systems, and shading devices (brae Solaire). 

An optimised render method

The Artful render is a fantastic way to quickly produce on the fly imagery to blow your clients' socks off in any meeting. There are many ways to render, but this way is by far the quickest and most potent method that I know of, particularly lends itself to looking like a hand sketch drawing. Most architects need a production method that helps them see excellent versions of their design within minutes. 

Design & Rendering Towers

Urban Towers that are nested in the Hub of Telaviv the images produced using Revit, SketchUp and photoshop with Vray.  Delivered three days from conception, Vray allowed for reflections in the glass and a softer technique to drop shadows.

The Hybrid Design Process

  1. Three Design & Presentation Software tools
  2. Overlapping common, design & presentation software strengths.
  3. Hybrid Design Architect can combine the strengths of three design & presentation software tools.

Black and white renderings of Retail Shopping

Proposed Main shopping mall entrance Lagos Nigeria. The geometry of the 3d triangle became a generator shape for the entrances and the skylights.  It is essential in retail design to set up a language that can translate throughout each scheme, blending, form & functionality with the retail shopping mentality. These images were created in black and white without any texture mapping to leave room for interpretation from the client, without being too dictatorial about materials and colour. 

CEO of Empowered Spaces Architects, Johannesburg South Africa commercial architects specializing in retail office, & industrial we presently employ 42 staff and have been around 20 years.

"We have been very happy utilizing Jason's services and highly recommend his abilities to create powerful concept design & presentation"


A commercial architect based in Johannesburg South Africa some of his projects have been Legacy Corner, Michelangelo Towers, & Tyger Valley Shopping Center."I worked on numerous schemes with Jason, Residential, Hospitality, Office Hotels, Urban proposals mixed-use developments.

"Jason has the ability to take rough planning, and create unbelievable, sometimes astounding presentations".



Eben Van Rensburg is a Design Architect also situated in Johannesburg and has worked on numerous commercial schemes as a Design Architect."

What normally takes months to do Jason can get done in a couple of days, and that is awesome, so yes I can definitely recommend this method, which can save you a lot of time"


Quick Urban Proposals

A Holistic Ministry, urban proposal including, hotels, retail centres, church stadium - fitting 80 000 people, civic centres, student housing, pastor housing, Video Production Village, upmarket villas & holistic healing hospital & retail shopping. The scheme was put together in a few days, using Revit's massing tool, Sketchup and photoshop. Final post-production in photoshop allowed me to print the final imagery on a full-colour laser printer to show the client.

Standard Plan Printer Black & White

Proposal for Meridian Mall, my favourite part of the day after constructing my final layouts is printing my images out on A0 in black and white using the black and white A0 plan printer on regular paper. When modelling in Revit & Sketchup, an immense amount of detail created using the curtain wall and massing systems that finally express themselves in the final rendered images. These final collages when they come out of the A0 laser printer make the day all worth it. A Monotone print at A0 for a dollar or two when presented to the client flat on the smooth boardroom table, mimics fineliner and charcoal. A typical black and white plan printer can do wonders.

Tel Aviv - Residential Proposal

The beachfront proposal in Tel Aviv is of refurbished block building form the '50s. The green landscape intervention in front of the buildings unites the urban landscape, which was once parking area, has become a social green public space that people can celebrate, filled with trees, and paved walkways. This image looks fantastic when printed on A3 tabloid-size paper. The final images were rendered in  SketchUp using Vray and printed on A3 / Tabloid size paper.

Theme Park Rendering

This image was an intricate theme park designed for children around safety standards in Israel. The final design & illustration needed to be softened and annotated in photoshop. Design constructed in Revit exported to SketchUp and final post-production in and annotating in Photoshop